Does your baby have a future in South Africa?

Well as we all know, things are a bit shaky in South Africa at the moment. A lot of people are emigrating and what is the main reason for this?

Lets take a quick look. First off all we are being bullied by our our government “ANC”, we are having crisis’s like oil shortage, electricity is a big stuff up, this all is having a huge impact on our economy. Food prices are sky high and as we speak the crime is rising, people are being brutally murdered for as little as R50 or young innocent people are being raped.

What are our leaders doing about it. NOTHING!!! Our president told the nation in a recent speech where he addressed the nation, that South Africans should not be worried, his words were “the things are being addressed” But here is the thing, we do not have the skill to address our problems, seeing that the skill we had had left the country already and if there are skills out there, they are white (affirmative action my back side, the “ANC” which supposedly is a democratic party and don’t call them self racist, discriminate against whites) .

I have seen a recent report and I quote

According to studies by the University of Stellenbosch last year, only 11.4% of Black candidates who passed Matric, achieved a University endorsement, compared with 51.7% for Whites, 17.3% for Coloureds and 19.6% for Indians.

I arrest my case ! If things don’t get better, I will consider leaving SA for the sake of my child and their future.

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Another interesting story from Carte Blanche “No More Mandelas” – So hang on a bit is this what Mandela spent 27 years in jail for, so you could go around and start killing people!!!


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