Feeding your baby

How much milk is enough?

This is not an easy question to answer. Mostly, a baby gets all the milk it needs within the first ten minutes of feeding. Quite often a baby continues to be attached to a breast because it isĀ  comfortable or it is still getting a trickle of milk. It can also be asleep. Continue reading “Feeding your baby”

Common Pregnancy Complaints

Common Pregnancy Symptoms:

Most of the symptoms you experience during pregnancy are normal – even if not comfortable!

Some common symptoms you may experience could include: Continue reading “Common Pregnancy Complaints”

Baby & Pregnancy Photography

Baby & Pregnancy Photography

Miss a moment! Miss a life time! One thing I’ve learnt in life is, get a GREAT/EXPERIENCED photographer, whether it is a wedding or baby shower or even a new born baby shoot and just maybe a pregnant belly photo shoot. Point is, get somebody to capture the moments in life you cannot capture again. So, if you’d like to capture precious moments and get images that you will treasure forever. Then do not hesitate to read any further. Continue reading “Baby & Pregnancy Photography”

What happens when you breastfeed?

What happens during breastfeeding?

During pregnancy your breasts become larger and heavier. The areola, that is the area around the nipple becomes darker and larger. Continue reading “What happens when you breastfeed?”

Preparing to breastfeed

Where and how you breastfeed your baby makes all the difference to how enjoyable the experience is for both you and your baby. The following steps can set the stage for a relaxed breastfeeding session. Continue reading “Preparing to breastfeed”

Is my baby getting enough milk?

Many new parents worry whether their new born is getting enough to eat or so to speak breast milk to support them. With breastfeeding it is almost impossible to guess or gauge how much your baby is taking in at each meal or breastfeeding session.

Continue reading “Is my baby getting enough milk?”