Preparing to breastfeed

Where and how you breastfeed your baby makes all the difference to how enjoyable the experience is for both you and your baby. The following steps can set the stage for a relaxed breastfeeding session.

Get some help:

If possible get your partner , your mother or a friend to help you with shopping and housework in the first few weeks whilst you get your breastfeeding routine established.

Make it comfortable:

Choose your favorite place, thus meaning a couch, bed or wherever you are the most comfortable. If it helps you to relax, dim the lights and play soft soothing music.

Be prepared:

To avoid interruptions, keep items like these handy:

  • a burp cloth for your baby;
  • warm compresses to help the let-down reflex;
  • something to eat or drink;
  • a couple of pillows to support your arms and back during the breastfeeding period;
  • turning the phone off or at least nearby, will also prevent unnecessary interruptions.

Be healthy:

Like you had a healthy diet during your pregnancy stages, so you will need to maintain your diet afterward. Breastfeeding women may experience an increase in thirst. Water is the best fluid for your body, but soup, fruit or vegetable juice and milk also provide fluids. Avoid smoking and drugs, in fact do not use this at all, and limit the intake of alcohol or caffeine. Whether in doubt, consult your health care, doctor or midwife.

The Moment:

It is a gift, so enjoy every second thereof. This is the greatest time to enjoy each others company. Talking, singing a song and touching are wonderful ways to show your baby how special and loved they are.

Breastfeeding meal times:

At times, your baby’s meals might vary in duration. The reason for this is as follows, your baby may want to feed for five minutes, or he/she may prefer a long and relaxing 40 minute feeding session. When meals routinely take longer than a half-and-hour plus, your baby may be snacking and/or snoozing numerous times throughout the their meal. A baby who is not actively suckling may not be getting enough milk. You can rouse the baby each time they start dozing off with gentle touches or a change of breast or posture. Usually after a few meals using these techniques your baby will feed more actively.

These are just some ideas making breastfeeding easy, give it a go! 🙂

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