Steri-bottle – Now available in South Africa!

What is Steri-bottle? It is a single use, pre-sterilized infant feeding bottle and teat represents a revolution in infant feeding and baby accessory retailing. It offers anytime convenience at home or on the move. Unique Selling Proposition Steri-Bottle® gives parents freedom from washing and sterilizing bottles, with complete & amp; assured safety.

16 Tips for better labour

Understanding the pain Having a baby uses so many parts of your body. The process involves stretching and opening of the cervix. During contraction there is a temporary lack of oxygen which causes the nerve endings in the uterus to become very “noisy” The pelvic floor muscles and perineum also contain nerve endings and pain …

Baby Monitors – Why you need it?

What is a baby monitor and why do we need it? Ever wished you had a walkie talkie as a youngster? Well luckily for my brother and I we had one to play with. Now a baby monitor is a kind of walkie talkie.

Stages of Pregnancy – 3rd & final Trimester

Third and final trimester. Revel in your pregnancy as much as you can, because when you look back you’ll find it amazing how quickly it all slipped by.