Baby Shower Invitations

We all know that baby shower invitation cards can be quite expensive, but why? It is in fact not hard at all to make or put it this way, you can do this yourself.

Make your own baby shower invitations

The information about the baby shower should be the easy part. Surely you know if the baby shower is held for a boy or a girl or even twins. The information that has to go on the invitation is the name of the mother of the baby to be born (if the baby’s name has been decided, this can be added as well), the address of the venue, the time of the baby shower and the date the baby shower will be held on.

All you need is paper ribbon and buttons for the decoration.

Print your invitation details on a card/paper, and then all that is left is to decorate. If it is a boy use blue paper and if it is a girl then obviously go for pink. 😉

Choose the theme, for example if you have tiny bears as a theme, then look for a tiny bear in a magazine or on the internet, print it out and add this to the card to add more colour. Use the buttons as a border, use a glue gun to paste this on the card. A glue gun will ensure that the buttons don’t fall off.

What about the ribbon? It’s up to you what the card will look like, so if you want to add the ribbon, then punch 2 holes in the card for the ribbon to go through, then make a knot. It is easy, just remember not to make this too busy or complex, you will have to make a couple of these cards obviously depending on the number of friends and family you are inviting to the baby shower.

Here is a video I found on YouTube. I hope this gives you a better idea of what you need to do. That’s it have fun creating your own baby shower invitations


and another video…. play me too, I am all about decorating a baby shower invitation card!

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