Baby Sleep Routine

Newborn babies spend most of their time sleeping and feeding and on top of this they can’t distinguish between night and day. And, Yes it is natural to worry while they are asleep, just follow they guidelines and tuck them to bed on their back – which is safer.

Helping your baby sleep

Your newborn will seek the amount of sleep their bodies requires. He or she will fall asleep when their body tells them to “clock out” and awake when they are “charged” Newborn babies sleep on average 16 hours a day, so this is normal. 😉 The time your baby sleep depends on their weight and feeding requirements.  All babies are different. The more they will feed the less they will sleep and some babies find it hard to settle down and will need extra comfort to get them to sleep.

Sleeping next to your baby

During the next few months you might consider sleeping close to your newborn baby, at least because they will need to be fed often. Some parents, like we were, decided on using a camping cot(crib/carrycot) next to our bed. Many other cultures prefer having their babies in bed with them. Close contact not only feels wonderful, but also decrease the feeling of anxiety about your baby’s well being and night feeds, especially when breastfeeding are less disruptive.

Sleep safe

  • Put your baby to sleep on his/her back
  • Tuck covers in securely
  • Keep room temperature constant (16-20°C)
  • Put your baby’s cot or camping cot in your own room
  • Learn infant CPR
  • Make sure the mattress is in good condition, firm, easy to clean and well aired.
  • Don’t ever put a hot water bottle or electric blanket in your baby’s cot
  • Don’t allow anyone to smoke in your baby’s room or even in the house!!!

Sweet Dreams “The newest member of your family will spend the most of his/her time sleeping”

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