Is my baby getting enough milk?

Many new parents worry whether their new born is getting enough to eat or so to speak breast milk to support them. With breastfeeding it is almost impossible to guess or gauge how much your baby is taking in at each meal or breastfeeding session.

If your baby is

  • attaching/latching and suckling well,
  • feeding at least 6 – 8 times per 24 hour cycle,
  • seems happy and healthy,
  • is active and alert when awake and
  • is content after a feed

he/she is certainly getting enough milk…

Other signs of good milk intake are weight gain and how often you change your baby’s nappy. Although babies lose weight after birth, breastfed babies usually regain their birth weight by two weeks of age and then should gain 150 to 250 grams a week. This measures to four to eight ounces. Weight gain may occur in “bursts” so it is best to not have the baby measured too often.

If your baby has a low birth weight, meaning under / 5lb 9oz, or if you have had a difficulty in delivering your child, you should ask for your midwife’s and then your health visitor’s help in getting breastfeeding established and checking your baby’s weight in the early weeks…

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