Feeding your baby

How much milk is enough? This is not an easy question to answer. Mostly, a baby gets all the milk it needs within the first ten minutes of feeding. Quite often a baby continues to be attached to a breast because it isĀ  comfortable or it is still getting a trickle of milk. It can …

What happens when you breastfeed?

Hormones released during pregnancy stimulate the development of the milk ducts and milk glands or alveoli. In the second half of pregnancy the hormone, prolactin, is released which starts the production of milk.

Preparing to breastfeed

Where and how you breastfeed your baby makes all the difference to enjoyable the experience is for both you and your baby. The following steps cat set the stage for a relaxed breastfeeding session.

When are babies ready to swim?

Not an unusual question. We all think it would be better if a baby can swim at an early stage to avoid drowning. But reality is that if they can swim they still need to be supervised at all times, anything can happen and that is really the last thing any parent, family member or friend want. So please be very careful when your child is near water.