Steri-bottle – Now available in South Africa!

What is Steri-bottle? It is a single use, pre-sterilized infant feeding bottle and teat represents a revolution in infant feeding and baby accessory retailing. It offers anytime convenience at home or on the move. Unique Selling Proposition Steri-Bottle® gives parents freedom from washing and sterilizing bottles, with complete & amp; assured safety.

Breast Pumps – What is it and how do you use them?

Breast Pumps, what is it and how do you use them? Okay, so you might be unfamiliar or foreign in this territory. A breast pump is a devise you use to extract milk from your breasts. This is commonly known as expressing milk and under most circumstances is advisable that you wait until your milk supply is established before you express.

Baby Monitors – Why you need it?

What is a baby monitor and why do we need it? Ever wished you had a walkie talkie as a youngster? Well luckily for my brother and I we had one to play with. Now a baby monitor is a kind of walkie talkie.