Breast Pumps – What is it and how do you use them?

Breast Pumps, what is it? Okay, so you might be unfamiliar or foreign in this territory. A breast pump is a devise you use to extract milk from your breasts. This is commonly known as expressing milk and under most circumstances is advisable that you wait until your milk supply is established before you express.

Your milk supply usually takes around six weeks to establish. Now why do I want to do this? Well, as you know your responsibilities as a new parent to your baby has changed, and surely you are busier than normal, and obviously tired. Now, by expressing milk you can benefit in numerous ways. Lets take a look 🙂

  • Expressing milk can help you increase your milk flow.
  • Help you relieve full or sore breasts
  • Once your milk flow has established you may wish to express to allow your partner to get more involved in night feeds, or if you are at work (if you would like to continue breastfeeding this will become part of your daily routine)

If you are going to express occasionally, then the manual hand/breast pump is ideal for you, it is easy to clean, quiet and discreet. But on the other hand if you need to express large amounts, often and quickly or if you have multiples then the electric breast pump is the way to go.

What will I pay for this?

Hand breast pumps range from R119 – R480. While electric breast pumps range from R450 – 2600 average.

So lets have a look at what is available on the market!!!!

Manual Breast Pumps.

  • Chicco breast pump
  • Medela lactaset
  • Pigeon manual breast pump and feeding set
  • Medela Harmony maual breast pump
  • Avent Isis breast pump
  • Chicco Physiological breast pump
  • Nuk comfort breast pump

Electric Breast Pumps

  • Pigeon breast pump & feeding set – can be upgraded to double breast pump
  • Medela mini electric plus
  • Medela mini electric
  • Medela pump in style traveler kit – this is specially adapted for women who wish to express every feed, as well as moms with multiples. This bag is particularly good for moms on the travel or moms who work, as this set comes in a traveling bag with a cool bag and ice pack.
  • Nuk electric breast pump.

Tip of the day!!! – I know from my previous experience, you need to be patient “expressing milk“. Take a warm and relaxing bath, especially with hand breast pumps. Some women have trouble expressing. Try to relax and be calm. It is trial and error.

Where can I buy this?

You can get this from any baby store near you, places like ToysRus, Baby City, Baby Boom and so on or simply click on the link below to go to an online store.

Get your breast pump and feeding kit today!

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Quote of the day

The newborn baby has only three demands, which is – warmth in the arms of its mother, food from her breasts, and the security in the knowledge of her presence. Breastfeed satisfy all three!
– by Dr. Grantly Dick-Read

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