Baby Monitors – Why you need it?

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What is a baby monitor and why do we need it? Ever wished you had a walkie talkie as a youngster? Well, we were fortunate enough to have a set to play with. Now, a baby monitor is a kind of walkie talkie.So what is it? You carry around a nifty neat looking monitor, while the “parent” unit is in the room where your baby sleeps. The only difference is that it is one way, so in other words you would be able to hear your baby, but not the other way around. This is a must have product for all parents with babies. So make sure to add this to your baby shower list.

Why do I need this?

Peace of mind is the simplest answer to this question. If you are visiting friends, or have a big house , or simply if you want an extra “ear”, when you are not near your baby, then this is simply the best device to have as a parent.

There are many monitors on the market, some that will monitor your baby’s movement and breathing, and some that will give you a visual picture on what is happening where your baby sleeps or in your baby’s room. But then again, you will need to decide what you want from your monitor before you buy.

Nice to have, but what will I pay for it?

The monitors range from about R600 to R1000 for sound and movement, and up to R1600 for a visual monitor.

Chicco MonitorLindam Monitor

Brief review of some products.

  • Angel care sound & movement
    • Include a responsive pad for the baby’s mattress, which detects breathing and movement. The monitor sounds an alarm when no movement is detected after 20 seconds.
  • Giga Air 4561 colour visual and sound
    • This wireless hand held baby monitor with a tiny/mini colour screen can be linked to a VCR/TV for easier viewing. And also includes night vision which enables you to see your baby in the dark.
  • Lindam Baby Talk monitor
    • One way, no movement or breathing monitor.
  • Nuk Babyphone
    • One way, no movement or breathing monitor.
  • Tomy Baby Sense Walkabout Premier Monitor
    • One way, no movement or breathing monitor.
  • Chicco Baby Control Micro Monitor
    • Also one way and no breathing or movement monetization.

Where can I buy this?

Dreamtime Baby (The Parent Company)
That is it for baby monitors, please feel free to read the related posts on this page. Because we all care for babies and Baby R Us.


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  1. I really need a baby monitor product, it is unique and it will be my ear when my toddler is asleep.

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