Stork tea ideas for the men…

Here it is, with a twist. DAD’s are important too!!!

This is what happened. Father in-law woke me up at 10am the morning of the the stork tea. Boy did I think that I was going to sleep late. But 🙂 I enjoyed the rest of the day.!

If you think that these sort of parties are meant for women only, …. you are WRONG. If it wasn’t for dads, nothing would have happened(meaning no stork teas), so … here is for dads. Get a close family member to organize this or not even, men are easy!!!!!. Boerewors rolls and boerewors, beer, cold drinks, ICE,… you need ice and off course braai stuff! The rest is ….. “ok, I will quickly get more charcoal at the shop” or “we don’t need plates to eat from” ,”the swimming pool is a few feet away and I can just rinse my hands there” take note no plates or fancy goodies, we are not bothered to eat from the braai!

The twist.. all pregnant faeries will get a gift from there loved one’s and friends, but for the men there is an entrance fee… nappies!

Baby Universe

Nappies is the only entrance for this day, new expectant dad’s will be welcomed with this gift and dad will have to wear a nappy during his braai. That is it for me for now, just another idea from baby r us, because we are for babies, enjoy :)!!!

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  1. I think it is wonderful for dads to also do something. If it can be done together it will be even better!!!

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