Nursery Rhymes

Do you know the characters and events in the nursery rhymes and tales from your childhood? This baby shower game will most definitely test your trivia!!!

In this game your host will pose the question and you will need to answer in the earliest time possible. Only give a fair amount of time to answer the questions.

You might like to substitute songs, stories and rhymes from you and your partners culture and family background. What need to happen? Here is the game.

Hand out a blank piece of paper and pose the following questions, you can verify the answers and announce the winner at the end:

Questions & Answers

  • Q ~ What animal jumped over the moon?
  • A ~ The Cow.
  • Q ~ Who could put humpty dumpty back together again?
  • A ~ All the Kings horses and all the kings men.
  • Q ~ Who went up the hill and to fetch what?
  • A ~ Jack & Jill & water.
  • Q ~ Who made the girls cry?
  • A ~ Georgie Porgie.
  • Q ~ Polly put the kettle on, but who took it off?
  • A ~ Sukey.

Will give more rhymes soon!!

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