Stop Smoking At Last

I really hope you are excited and proud of what you have accomplished so far!!! I mean if you followed the program and reading this, you definitely have the drive, the will power and you certainly have the spirit to quit smoking. Your final week has arrived and you are about to say NO THANKS, I DON’T SMOKE! and this off course when someone offers you a cigarette.

First things first. If you followed the stop smoking program until thus far. Congratulations!!! It takes a real quitter to get this far, so give yourself a tap on the back, because, you deserve it.

Stop Smoking week 4

  • For your last week, delay your smoking by an hour. At this point you will find it not hard at all to not smoke in the car or in a restaurant or even in your own home, right? 😉
  • Brand change. Your brand should now be on the lowest nicotine level possible.
  • You are not allowed to smoke before 11am and you are not allowed to smoke after 8pm. I am sure you are doing this already. The less you smoke the less you will need and want to smoke.
  • You need to reduce even more!!! By now you should be on no more than 2 to 3 cigarettes a day. This is essential. Not more than 3 cigarettes a day.
  • Remember water, fruit an fresh juice. Your body is healing itself and needs it.
  • Stay positive, you are a winner, a non smoker to be and you will!
  • How about that money jar, impressive right? I am sure you kept filling the jar everyday?
  • Create a new jar, and this time we are going to fill this with our last smoked cigarettes for the remaining week. The purpose of this is to see and smell what awful thing smoking is, not even to consider what your lungs looks and feels like. Get a jar and fill it with a quarter of water and then when you had your cigarette for the day dump it in there. I want you to do this for the last week of your smoking life.
  • Set your goal date. You have a week left, so now is the time to determine your end date. Set a date when you will be quitting and it should be after the end of week four and stick to it. By the end of this week you will be able to put that cigarette down. Did you notice I said cigarette, well if you did, then you figured it out already. You don’t smoke a box a day anymore. In other words it should be easier to put one cigarette down than 20. At the end of this week you should be on one cigarette a day. Then it’s up to you, decide on your last cigarette day.

All of the best and I know you will be able to do this 🙂 from Baby And Us

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