Stop Smoking is Will Power

By now you must really feel great and start to look forward to your brand new exciting smoke free life style. Lets not waste more time and get going….

Stop Smoking Week 3

What will happen to your body when you had your last cigarette?

  • Within 20 minutes your heart rate & blood pressure drops to normal levels
  • After 24 hours the chance of a heart attack or stroke will decrease
  • After 2 days your ability to smell and taste will improve
  • From week 2 your lung functions increases by up to 30%

we can go on and on, bottom line your body will start to recover. So for the next week…

  • Get a new goal, reduce your cigarettes by another 25%
  • You will need to change your brand to the lowest possible nicotine value on the market.
  • Stay away from lighters, stick to lighting your cigarette with a match.
  • Start doing some breathing exercises, take a deep breath and then breathe out, when inhaling hold your breath for a couple of seconds then breathe out again. Whenever you feel like smoking, do this it HELPS 😉
  • Remember your water, fruit juice and fruits
  • Delay your smoking now by 45 minutes. You know the rules, so stick to them

Your attitude determines your altitude

  • Remember NO SMOKING when you watch TV, in your car, talking on the phone. In fact your house should be smoke free, you will need to start weaning yourself and stop smoking in the house.
  • And keep filling your money jar, I’m sure you are amazed about the amount so far.

Good luck and stay strong, you are almost there. Stay focused and praise yourself for what you are doing, you are telling your brain to stop smoking!!!

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