Stop Smoking By Changing Your Habit

I hope you had a successful week one in your fight to quit smoking! I am sure you didn’t find it hard at all. Well, I wish you all the best for the next week to come. So are you ready for it? OK here follows week 2.

Stop Smoking Week Two

For this week I would like you to try and figure out what your triggers were (hopefully you wrote them down). 😉 Things like when you drove to work and sat in traffic you felt like smoking, or if you had an argument with someone at work, or whatever it may have been. Then for this week you need to not smoke when these triggers occur and if it does, then you need to apply the delay before you smoke. By doing this you will gradually tell your body that you don’t have to smoke when you are in that situation. What we are doing here is “re-programming your mind” telling you brain to do things differently.

  • Set a new target for the week. Cut down another 25%. Reduce the number of cigarettes you smoked in the previous week by another quarter.
  • Delay your smoking by 30 minutes. This is very important, you should not smoke until 30 minutes has gone by after you wake up in the morning and your last cigarette for the day should be 30 minutes before you go to bed.
  • Change to a different brand, again going lighter in nicotine value.
  • Keep recording how much you smoke and work on those triggers 🙂
  • Money jar. Would you like to see what you will be saving if you didn’t smoke at all? Get a jar or tupperware or something you can store money in, preferably a see through container so that you can see the money when holding or looking at. You will have to add the amount you spend on cigarettes everyday (before you started the program) to the money jar. You will be adding money everyday until the program ends. You will be amazed at the amount you saved up until then. 😉
  • Carry on drinking water, fresh fruit juice and so on. Stay healthy and don’t forget the vitamins. You are repairing your body!
  • Change the way you use to smoke. Stop carrying your box of cigarettes with you. leave them in the car or in a drawer or wherever, just don’t carry your burden around.
  • Get primitive. Stop using a lighter. Buy a box of matches and from now on this will be the way you will light up a cigarette.

That is it for this week and good luck, you are well on your way to a non smoking lifestyle!!!

NB: Remember to refresh your breath, you can decide on mouth wash, fresh mints or whatever you choose, but keep your mouth refreshed!

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