Feeding Time Baby Shower Gifts

We are surely getting all in place for our baby shower list, but wait, what do we need when baby needs to be fed!

Feeding Time List

High Chair / Clip on Feeding chair

The High chair works quite well when it comes to moving around, perhaps you would like to watch your favorite program on tv then you can just move the chair there while feeding your baby, the only problem is that it takes up space. Whereas the clip on doesn’t take up a lot of space, it can only be used at a table or flat surface where it can hook onto.

Pacifier / dummy

Most people don’t prefer using pacifiers, but believe me it is harder to get your baby from sucking their thumb, then to wean them from the dummy as they grow older, the choice is all yours. 😉

6 Feeding bottles & teats

The choice of brand is all up to you, we found that AVENT worked on the first go. When breastfeeding a baby using nipple shields also helps when you stop breastfeeding, to get your baby take the bottle, we also found that Pigeons teats are a bit too small for our baby to latch on properly. You will need to see what works for you. Your baby will get round about six feeds a day, having six bottles will give you just one wash and sterilize a day, a breather in other words. 🙂

Bottle and Teat Brush

This you will use every day cleaning your baby’s bottles.


You can get plenty of these, as soon as baby is there you will understand why!!!

Burping cloth / Toweling nappies

When feeding your baby you will need to take time to get them to bring up winds and bringing up winds sometimes brings up milk with it. You will need something bigger than a bib to clean up this mess, and towel cloths will do this trick.

Most if not all of these products can be purchased at your nearest Toys R US, babies r us, Baby Company or Edgars, practicaly anywhere.

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