Baby Essentials for a Baby Shower


As we carry on planing the perfect baby shower, you will need to be able to put some clothes on your little angel. 😉 So lets get started… What would we like our baby to wear? We all know how friends and family can go over board with baby clothes, especially grand parents. So in this category you don’t really have to worry that you will have a shortage of clothes for your little one. So here is a basic list just in case.

Baby Clothes Baby Clothes Baby Clothes

Your baby clothes list

  • 4 Long sleeved vests
  • 4 Long sleeved body vests
  • 2 Printed vests
  • 2 Cross over vests
  • 6 Baby grows
  • 2 Leggings
  • 2 Matinee jackets
  • Beanies
  • 3 pairs of booties
  • 3 pairs of Socks
  • 3 T-shirts
  • 3 Sleepsuits
  • 4 Rompers
  • 2 Top and bottom sets

Play Time accessories

Your baby will not be too impressed with all the clothes, so balance this out with some toys. Believe me the clothes are there for the mom, they like to dress to impress. Give a baby a toy and they are happy! 🙂

Toys for baby

  • Soft cuddling toys
  • Soft fabric books
  • Rattle toys – this is a cool toy for dad during nappy changes
  • Play Gym
  • Teether’s
  • Soft fabric ball
  • Knitted dolls, animals, etc.
  • Baby story books, when your baby is a bit bigger they will enjoy the classics, but where can I get this? Good question! Get your kids hooked on books, with their favourite Disney characters! Click Here for your Disney Books

You can choose anything for the baby to play with, just be careful for anything that can be swallowed – any choking hazard toys should be avoided. So that is it for now, make sure you have everything up to now for your “baby shower gift ideas list“.Baby “R” Us………Because we are for babies!!!

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