How to make money from the Internet

Money drives the world!

Here is the question, who would say no for an extra 100 or even 500 bucks a month? The answer is NOBODY. Would you like to find out how to start your own business? Well if you do carry on reading.

As you know, there are so many people on the the internet trying to make a living, but not all of them are actually getting results. I was one of them. If you do a search you might find many of the results are for doing “surveys” and “buy this franchise you will make millions in just 30 days”. There is no such thing as easy money! Wait, let me rephrase, there is a thing like easy money, but there isn’t a thing like quick money. I have burnt my fingers with Paid Surveys and with Buying a franchise. So the question is how do I make money from the net?

Start your own blog

You don’t need to spend money in order to make money. There are billions of people surfing the internet everyday. What are they doing, reading what other people have to say. Take my website as an example. I started this site in June 2007 and as it is I am making some revenue from expressing my thoughts. I am getting paid for placing ads on my site via Google. I was inspired by my friend who is doing this for over a year now, and he is making between $20 and $30 dollars a day from Google ads. So where do you start. You can create your own free blog from Google at “Blogger“. Once you have your blog up and running. You can write some articles, find something you like to talk about and get people to comment on those articles. My topic is about babies, there so many things you can talk about and debate.


This is what will make you money, you will need to get an account with Google, as soon as Google approves you, you can start placing relevant ads on your blog. You can get this from Google AdSense.


You will learn as you go, the more traffic you get the better your chance will be to make money, learn how to drive traffic to your website at Traffic Maniac.

Believe me it is easy, and remember there is no quick way to make money. The way I showed you here will make you money for sure, it will be slow at first but once it takes off, it will be an extra few dollars in your pocket at the end of the month. Hard work will be handsomely rewarded in the end.;)


Would you like your own domain? Example: Would you like your own website to make money from? Maybe you have a small business and would like to advertise online? We can host this for you! Need to create a website? We can do this for you. just give us a visit and fill in our contact form at, that is if you are interested off course 😉

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