Baby Shower Checklist

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If you are planning a baby shower then you will definitely need a checklist. Everybody knows that planning and organizing parties could be quite hard and sometimes challenging, and even parties for babies can be difficult.

Baby Shower Checklist

Here is a site that you should check out Crazy Chameleon’s “Baby Shower Tick List

Things that you need to consider for your checklist.

  • Guest List

Take out a piece of paper and write down the people and the number of people that you are going to invite to the baby shower. Will this also be for women only or are the partners welcome too.

  • Location / Food / Drinks

You will need to decide where the baby shower will be held and what food and drinks would be served.

  • Directions

As soon as the location is finalized, then draw up a map for directions to the venue.

  • Invitations

When you have decided on the guests, then you can get your invitations ready. The directions can be sent with the invitation.

  • Games

Games are a good way to get your guest in a relaxed mode, so decide on a nice “ice breaker”. everybody likes to take part in games.

A checklist can be very helpful and will also ensure that you do not miss a thing. So go check out there site today.

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