Exercise during pregnancy

It is really a good idea to keep fit and exercise during pregnancy, but be careful to take up strenuous exercises especially when you are pregnant for the first time. The following exercises are great whether you have done them before or not and you can this throughout the pregnancy stages. You should always listen to your body and stop when you have done enough. You can also speak to your doctor or caregiver on which exercises will be best to follow. Continue reading “Exercise during pregnancy”

Fertilization And Fetal Development

Did you recently discovered you are pregnant?

Well congratulations, never the less, I’ll keep things short. Everyone, meaning moms to be and dads, would like to know what happens inside the mother. Fertilization and fetal development is such an amazing process. Continue reading “Fertilization And Fetal Development”

Baby Bottles and Bottle Feeding

It doesn’t  matter what the reasons are for choosing bottle feeding your infant, it is reassuring to know that today’s formula milk is produced to resemble breast milk as closely as possible. Getting organized and keeping safety in mind will help make bottle feeding an enjoyable experience, especially for the dads 😉 Continue reading “Baby Bottles and Bottle Feeding”

Facebook what is up

What is up with facebook? Are you familiar with FaceBook?

FaceBook recently changed their design and people aren’t liking it. Well here is a musing taken from a friend’s  website hope you like this? Continue reading “Facebook what is up”

Potty Training techniques

Is my toddler ready to start toilet training?

Yes, your toddler is ready to come out of nappies. Choose a quiet day to try toilet training; and be prepared for the occasional accidents and remember to give a lot of praise. Just a note that might help: is to give them reminders… Continue reading “Potty Training techniques”

Potty Training

How and When to start potty training?

You will definitely know when your toddler is growing up and this is when they make the big step out of nappies into pants. Further more, a toddler’s brain will need to develop well enough to control their bowel and bladder and believe me this doesn’t happen over night, but will start from as early as 18 to 36 months. Continue reading “Potty Training”

My Newborn Baby

If you are new to parenting then you might have a lot of questions that you would like to be answered. Well this is normal and I believe that you are not alone. Let us see if we can cover some of the questions you might have 🙂

Continue reading “My Newborn Baby”

Christmas Gifts

Ho! Ho! Ho! Can you believe it’s that time of the year again? Time really flies, I can still remember last year’s Christmas like it was yesterday. If we don’t get off our lazy bums 😉 and start with this years Christmas gift shopping then you might have to join the rat race for the last minute shopping and this is definitely not my plan.

Continue reading “Christmas Gifts”

You and your newborn baby

What to expect when your baby is born!

Consider the fact, that you will be spending all your time with your newborn baby and that every baby has their own unique entities and characteristics, things like the shape of their ears, hands and feet.

Continue reading “You and your newborn baby”