Breast Pumps by AVENT

Electric Breast Pumps:

AVENT, wow, you do make life easy. Remember the days of manual breast pumps. Here is a short video where AVENT made life easier with the memory suction? WHAT, then have a look at this video clip. Continue reading “Breast Pumps by AVENT”

C-Section on camera

I thought I could share this video clip with you about a mom giving birth and the dad that captured this amazing experience on video.

It is so amazing, this c- section video made me remember the time my daughter was born. To all the pregnant moms out there. The operation takes in total about 10 minutes. It so quick. Watch this video clip, it will give you an idea how quickly it really is.
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When are babies ready to swim?

Not an unusual question. We all think it would be better if a baby can swim at an early stage to avoid drowning. But reality is that if they can swim they still need to be supervised at all times, anything can happen and that is really the last thing any parent, family member or friend want. So please be very careful when your child is near water. Continue reading “When are babies ready to swim?”

Funny Videos!!!

Gotta love them Kidz!!

Well as children grows up, more funny moments seem to be in the order of the day. My wife and I, need to be very careful what we say in front of our little one. She temp to say everything we do, oops, believe me it can be embarrassing. Anyway here are some clips(ABOUT KIDZ 🙂 ) that you might enjoy.. Continue reading “Funny Videos!!!”

Your baby’s brain

It is really fascinating how each human being are different. Everyone has their own way of doing and thinking. This all to thank to your brain. The brain is the fastest growing organ and never sleeps. Lets explore how the baby’s brain develop… Continue reading “Your baby’s brain”

Getting back into shape after birth

Well, getting back into shape after birth can be difficult, but surely is possible. I recently discovered this article and thought I might share with all..

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