Get Paid for Online Surveys, Really?

Really, think again. Do not try this, its a waste of time and MONEY!!!

If you are a mom that had a baby recently or a mom at home looking after your kids, and you are looking for ways to earn extra cash online then DO NOT go for the Paid Surveys option! please read the following article as to why! (FYI, this is one of my older posts and I would like to highlight this again, so sorry if you read this before 🙂 )

My experience concerning Paid Surveys!

Join today and you get paid for taking surveys online. Earn from $5 to $250 per survey.
BUT hey, what a load of rubbish!!! I found this site on the net for paid surveys, joined for about $34 dollars, they say “we have done all the hard work, we found all of the companies that will pay you for your opinion. We will also update our company lists and keep it up to date”. OK, they gave me a list, but here is the thing. Two thirds of the companies they give you is USA only or Canada only. Hey I stay in South Africa, Well I did my reading before I paid $34 dollars and I quote “And if you live outside the United States – no worries. I’ve shown people all over the world how to get paid for their opinion, in fact we have an entire section of our members area dedicated for international members.

So what do I have left to play with?
I subscribed to all the international companies that I was allowed to subscribe to. That was about 4 months ago and since then, I only had one company that gave me surveys to do. So how do this one work? POINTS! Yes, Points, as soon as you reach a 1000 points they will pay you $10! What, I did 4 of those and it took me over an half an hour to do one, and my point balance is 75. Paid Survey companies are not worth it. So you Paid for Survey companies out there, you are fake!!! It is not worth paying $34 dollars to get a list of companies that is not worth anything! It did not work for me, and I can’t see how it will work for someone that tries to make an extra living out of it. Bottom line this is a SCAM

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  1. I agree, I also live in South Africa and paid my $34.00 to get a list full of sites that are US and Canada exclusive. Why these people just can’t state on their site that it is not as lucrative to join if you live outside the US or Canada I don’t know.

  2. It is because they would rather take your money, silly. I have joined at least a dozen free paid survey sites. I also live in SA. At first, I was only receiving 4-5 surveys a day from one website (Greenfield Online).

    I only discovered two months later that they served US citizens only. The registration doesn’t ask for your country. So I had to cancel the registration and forfeit my earnings.

    I have since discovered that paid e-mails are a bit better.
    Otherwise, I would suggest doing a search using Google for “South Africa” paid surveys.

  3. Its a shame you got burned man, and I’m real sorry. Im just starting to look for sites that cater to south africans, and it worries me that they’ll say they have international surveys, and that they’ll cater for us only to be disappointed months along the line.
    Although Xavier is totally right, just do a google, search a little, and dont fork out quite as much as 34 USD for just one website. there are much cheaper, and much more reliable (Apparently!)

  4. Hey guys,

    This is really sad stuff that as South Africans we are not able to really profit from the internet goldmine. I have tried the Profit Lance course, really not that easy as what people make it out to be!! Any of you guys tried it, or had any success with something else online. PL was about R600 when I bought it and that was about 6 weeks ago.

  5. Luckily i did me research and found the companies without paying a lot of dollars…but I agree, i signed up with a bunch and have received no surveys to do yet coz all for USA and Canada and UK!!!! Another dead end, Im so frustrated…there must be something out there to do on the net that actually pays…. 🙁
    anyone any ideas for me????

  6. Hi Everyone,

    I’ve tried almost everything on the net, with no success. I’ve spend 1000’s of rands and still haven’t made a cent. I’ve recently joined GDI and I get allot of support from them, hope to make a success from this one.

  7. Mmmmmm, GDI. I’ve burnt my fingers with them. I was a member of GDI and had so many people under me, and YES, I STILL DIDN’T MAKE A SENT. They are typical multi level marketers(MLM). You are really just promoting them instead of yourself. That’s the hard way of making money online.

    In fact their is an easier way and it is really not that hard to make money online, on top of that it should NOT cost you that much! I mean what do you pay a month for your site? $10? I can’t remember. You just need to do the right thing. Don’t waste time with GDI, paid surveys, email marketing and so forth. What you really need to do is to find something unique and build on that.

    Think about it, the website your on now, is making money and so are all off my websites in the partner site section(look at the right sidebar, if you want to check them out 😉 )

    If you are interested, then read my friend James’ tips on how to make easy money. If you need our help, we can help!!

    Kind regards,

  8. Hi Guys
    I also got burnt. Spent $30 on a paid surveys program (they said it was on special, Half price Can you believe it) I was not able to make use of any of the companies they offered as they were all for the US or Canada. They said the money was 100% refundable but I’m still waiting for my refund since October 2008.

  9. Hi everyone, I found a site which actually pays you in Rands, I was also sceptical about joining, but it was free so I did it. The send me surveys, I completed them and 2 months later I received my money in my bank account, as promised (it was only R60.00 because I only completed 4 or 5 surveys, but I really got paid). for more infomation send me a e-mail to and I’ll send you the details.
    PS they pay between R15 and R25 per survey, and is an south african based company.

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