Potty Training

How and When to start potty training?

You will definitely know when your toddler is growing up and this is when they make the big step out of nappies into pants. Further more, a toddler’s brain will need to develop well enough to control their bowel and bladder and believe me this doesn’t happen over night, but will start from as early as 18 to 36 months.

When will I know that my toddler is ready for potty training?

The social pressure to train your toddler can be intense; the physical and emotional conditions need to be in place, but until then there is nothing really to speed up this process. First of all your child’s nerve pathways from their bladder to their brain need to be fully mature. This meaning they will need to realize that they are beginning to wee or poo. Still they won’t be able to predict when they need to empty their bladder or bowel, this may take time for them to familiarize them with the feeling of needing to let go and have the physical control to hang on. This indeed happens by two and a half years or sometimes a lot earlier.

Just a few signs to watch out for!

  • If they are willing to sit on the toilet, even if they don’t use it
  • Trying to copy you using the toilet, and not wanting to wear their nappies.
  • When they understand when explaining to them what potty training is all about.
  • If they are in the act they might tell you what is happening; they might go red in the face; stop playing; stand still and if they are naked they might look at the puddle they made and clutching themselves.

Looking for Baby Ideas & Info

What can I do to make potty training easier for my toddler?

Make potty training fun. Never force your child to sit on a potty or insist sitting on the toilet when they had enough. Obviously there is no harm in encouraging them too.  😉   Many times this just sparks as interest. You could try the following:

  • Number one would be to praise them for what they are doing and when they do it
  • Play games involving their toys – put their favorite toy on the potty and tell the toy it did a great job!
  • Have some toys or books around to look at when on the potty.
  • Read or tell a story while sitting with them.
  • Praise them for what they are doing and achieving, tell them it is a good job!!!

Take your time

If your child have repeated accidents, put them back on nappies for a few days. Do not be angry at your child’s progress, this might just delay the training even longer and why the hurry, your toddler will get there in her/his own time. 🙂 Good Luck!!

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