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Well done OUTSurance, you have done it again. We had a really silly accident at home and OUTSurance paid for it all.

Here is what happened, my wife went for an interview at some company, she got the job and was so excited to get home and tell me. Now to get the whole picture, she went in my Toyota Hilux 4×4, we’ve got a remote control double garage door. When she got home she opened the door, the garage door opened and she drove in, the Toyota was halfway into the garage when she accidentally pushed the button for the garage door to close. The door hooked onto the canopy and folded like paper. OUCH!!!!

So a long story short, I phoned my insurance company “OUTSurance”. Explained in detail what happened. OutSurance sent their accessors to look at the door and quotes came in for up to R5500 to fix my garage door. To our disappointment they rejected the claim.

I just said how in havens name won’t they pay for it. I mean everything was going bad for us in that specific month. My wife recently had a baby and I mean everyone knows how expensive nappies, baby food, and accessories are!!! So here is what I did and believe everybody should do when a claim gets rejected. Write a letter of dispute, thats what we did, I got my letter ready and phoned them back. I explained my situation and told them that I wasn’t happy with the result, I even did my own homework by getting my own quote for repairing the garage door (which was less than the quotes given to OUTSurance). Well I knew that I didn’t have anything to loose. I sent the dispute in and guess what?

Next day OUTSurance called me back saying that they approved my dispute and will pay for they whole works. Great, don’t you think 🙂 All we had to pay was the access, OUTSurance paid R4500 into my bank account and we had the door fixed in no time.

So thank you OUTSurance for giving us a second chance. I definitely recommend OUTSurance as your insurance company.


OUTSurance where you ALWAYS get something out. 😉

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  1. that’s a great testimonial. I’ve been an outsurance client for years now (since 1998) and even though I’ve had my fair share of accidents they’ve never once slipped up or missed a beat. I recently had my car written off and claimed a whopping R300K! No issues, no fuss. I recommend them totally.

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