Valentines day! Do it with love

Keep your love alive this valentines day, even if you have children, dont think that valentine is just for un-married couples or couples with no children. Discover the 5 sex secrets or myths.

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here is a snippet from a previous post

How many times have you been told that the only way to please a woman is to touch her in one special place? This belief really took hold in the Sixties, when a new crop of sex researchers, led by Masters and Johnson, picked up on earlier studies by Kinsey and others. The investigators reached what seemed at the time to be the very pinnacle of sexual knowledge: that a woman’s orgasm was solely the function of that little bundle of flesh and nerve-endings called the clitoris.

Your love survival guide :

  • Do it with love
  • Feast your eyes
  • Put love in a box
  • Make a hearty salad
  • Keep the passion alive

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