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Find your answers at Baby R Us! Pregnancy might be new to you and I know not all of us are medically educated. There might be some common concerns that you need clarified, or even things you don’t know about during your pregnancy. Well, lets see if I can get some of those questions answered. Here are some questions and answers, enjoy 😉

Q: Is it safe for me to carry on drinking alcohol?

A: Frequent, heavy or binge drinking could seriously harm the development of your baby. The safest course of action would be to avoid alcohol during pregnancy!

Q: Can my baby sense the outside world?

A: Your baby is beginning to respond to the world outside the uterus. if the mother’s abdomen is pressed your baby might try to move away.

Q: How does the placenta work?

A: The placenta enables you to supply all your baby’s needs until they are born. It produces the hormones necessary to support the pregnancy, maintain the health of the uterus and even prepare the breasts for lactation. It is a sophisticated filtering system, using your blood to deliver nutrients and oxygen to your growing baby. It also removes your baby’s waste products.

Q: Should I avoid caffeine?

A: Caffeine found in tea, coffee or carbonated drinks can have a detrimental effect on the digestive system and inhibits the absorption of iron. Cut down to one cup a day, or cut it out.

Q: What about smoking during pregnancy?

A: When you smoke, carbon monoxide and nicotine pass into your lungs and bloodstream. As a result your baby receives a reduced amount of oxygen and their heart rate increases. Your baby is more likely to have a low birth weight, to be miscarried or to be born prematurely and is at a greater risk of Sudden Death Syndrome. Children of smokers are also likely to suffer from asthma.

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  1. I was on the pill and stopped in April.My last periods was on the 18th of august 2007, I have had unprotected sex. I did a pregnancy test on the 17 of September and it was negative and on the 15th of October still negative, I haven’t had my period since and i am always bloated, could I be pregnant, if so why were both the tests negative.

  2. There could be a number of reasons for this, the test kit could have expired, the best time to take the test is your first morning urination, and it could also be a faulty test kit. We have experienced the same with a couple pregnancy test kits. Seeing that you are two months late, it could well be that you are pregnant, common symptoms are needing to urinate more, feeling more tired in the evening, feeling nauseous, tender nipples that are darker than usual, and a strange taste in your mouth – some women described it as metallic. But put rest at ease and go for a serum test(blood test) this test is 100% accurate, this can be performed at your nearest clinic or you can go to your GP.

  3. hi
    my husband and i are battling to fall pregnant, my cycle is irregular so it’s extremely difficult to tell when i am ovulating. i stopped the pill in May, the pill kept me regular and now i never know when my cycle is due as it seems to be different every month. i did a home test this morning and it was negative.. 🙁 . what should i do???

  4. Hi Colleen

    I know it must be very frustrating, and believe me we felt the same. I would suggest that you go to a pharmacy and ask for an Ovulation test kit. They work more or less the same way the pregnancy test kit works, except that this will tell you when you are ovulating. Knowing this period will probably increase your chance on falling pregnant. Never the less, enjoy your sex life, it will happen eventually!

  5. before falling pregnant, you should be checked out by a “gyne”. If you are battling to fall pregnant and your periods are irregular, you may have a condition called PCOS. Have it checked out because a lot of the time it can be treated. I was diagnosed with Insulin resistance and PCOS 9 months ago. My dietitian put me on glucophage, a strict eating program and prescribed exercise. I did all of the above and after sorting out my body, we fell pregnant first time. Good Luck!

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