Stages of Pregnancy – 1st Trimester

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Conception oh my goodness, deep down you hadn’t really believed that it could happen to you, well finding out that you are pregnant is an amazing feeling. Of course it happens everyday around the world, but at this moment it feels as thought you are the only one it has ever happened to.

What to expect for the months to come, I will break up the stages of pregnancy into three trimesters…example first trimester, second trimester and third trimester, So lets get started 😉

1st trimester

During the first trimester you will find that the following is taking place.

1st Month

1st Month

Your Baby’s development

  • The fetus / baby is approximately 1 cm long.
  • Placenta started developing, which will form the baby’s life support system.
  • His/her heart has already started to beat and can be seen on an ultrasound.
  • This means his/her blood is pumping around their body, thanks to the pumping of the heart.
  • Their digestive system, backbone and spine has also started to form.
  • The fertilized egg is now 10000 times bigger than when it was on conception.

Facts about you

  • Your heart rate is increasing probably by 10 beats per minute.
  • Your breasts are getting bigger and will most likely be more sensitive.
  • Your metabolic rate is also increasing by between 10 and 25 per cent.
  • Your stomach feels bloated.
  • You may have put on 900g – 1,4kg. Only a small percentage is the baby, the rest contributes to the growing of the uterus and the forming of the placenta.
  • You will need to urinate frequently.
  • You may also feel tired.

2nd Month

2nd Month

Your Baby’s development

  • From week 8 your baby graduates from being an embryo to a fetus. This literally means “little one”
  • The little tail has almost completely disappeared. So they don’t look like tadpoles any longer 😉
  • Although your baby is still tiny, about 2.5cm, he/she is starting to get a recognizable face like a human.
  • Your baby’s facial parts are forming – eyes, nose, ears, lips, tongue and teeth are forming.
  • Your baby’s fingers and toes are beginning to develop, but will still be slightly webbed at eight weeks.
  • Their heart has 4 chambers and beats up to 180 beats per minute, which is twice the speed of an adults heart.
  • Initially the arms grows faster than their legs, just as the latter, after birth, your baby will develop hand and arm control faster than leg control.
  • The baby can start moving, although the mother won’t feel this yet.
  • 10 dental buds have formed in each jaw. They will become baby teeth at a later stage, usually 6 – 8 months after birth.

Facts about you

  • You might not feel pregnant! You might not experience many physical symptoms, this is often a worry for most pregnant women, but you are not the only woman who has thought this.
  • You might be asking yourself if you are putting on too much weight? Nausea can make you want to eat more than usual in the early weeks, and you might not want to pile on a few extra pounds, try to eat healthy snacks.
  • Am I going to miscarry? Miscarriage is most common in the 1st trimester, but with each day that goes by your pregnancy is more established. If you have had any bleeding or concerns rather consult your doctor.

3rd Month

3rd Month

Your Baby’s development

  • Your baby is moving around freely, although you can’t feel it, they are quite active, they kick and stretches within the uterus.
  • Your baby’s immediate environment is the amniotic fluid, and your baby is already swallowing small amounts of it in preparation of swallowing milk when they are born.
  • Your baby can also pass urine at this stage
  • Their arms are quite well developed and can bend at the elbows.
  • They have wrists ankles and their fingernails started to grow. The toes and fingers has separated and are distinct.
  • Your baby’s head is still very large compared to the rest of the body.
  • Eyelids have formed , but can not open yet.
  • Most of baby’s organs and tissue has developed.

Facts about you

  • By the end of this trimester you should starting to feel better.
  • Your placenta has taken over production of hormones that are supporting your baby’s development. This as a result reduces the risk of miscarriage.
  • You may develop a hormone related dark line, called the “linea nigra” on your abdomen – this will fade at birth.
  • Your face might also get dark marks called “chloasma” or the “mask of pregnancy” – this will also fade after birth.
  • Your uterus is now approximately the size of a grapefruit.

End of first trimester – congrats 🙂

Go to the 2nd Trimester

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  1. Thanks this site was very helpful.

  2. Im a first time mother or rather soon to be, this site has been very useful and would like to send my greatest gratitude for all who have given input in making this site available for ladies like me.
    a Job well done!! Thanx

  3. I’m on first trimester and this is is my first pregnancy. I would like to pass my sincere gratitude to all people contributed in making this website available. I have learnt a lot and now i know what to expect in every stage of development. Thanks a lot. keep it up!

  4. Thanx for the info about pregnancy, it helps a lot!

  5. I am so glad I stumbled on this site its been so helpful.

  6. I wasn’t sure if going on with this pregnancy was a good. Thanx to this site now I am so looking forward to my pregnancy. Thanks again to the team behind this site, u r making our lives easier 😉

  7. HI
    I just found out yesterday that I am 3weeks pregnant, yet I have this excruciating pain on my low abdomen. especially after urinating. should I be worried?

  8. I think it is best to have a your doctor look at this. If you feel uncomfortable in any way trust your instincts and see your doctor.

  9. hi! As all the others comments! This is a great site! Thanks for the insight! This is my second pregnancy but i had A miscarriage in my first pregnancy at the first trimester, about 2-3weeks! I am now at about 3-4weeks But i get a lot of cramps that feel like menstrual cramps! Is this normal? Should i be worried?

  10. I just found out that I am 8 weeks pregnant. I am very grateful for ur website. It has helped me.

  11. Thank you for this website, it has helped me understand what really happened with my body in the early stages. I am currently 22 weeks, its the most amazing experience to know that someone is entirely dependant upon you for their survival.

  12. I am a 1st time mother to be, and I am 12wks:5days, I saw the little one for the 1st time.He/She was kicking and the only thing i didn’t get to see properly, was the hands:reason- he was very active and my Dr struggled to get a clear shot, I really hope that the hands are there.

  13. A very useful site even though I am a mum 2nd time round. would like to know about exercises I can do during the first trimester, can you show me examples.

  14. Hi Sharon

    here are a few exercise examples you can use; exercises during and after pregnancy


  15. WOW! this is so amazing, thanks for the great website, it now makes so much sense considering being a 1st time mother. I am so excited and can’t wait to go for my 1st scan and see the little life that is dependent on me for survival.

  16. Hello.just discovered ur website and im impressed.its good to know that there people out there who are sharing the same anxiety and fears.keep up the good work guys.

  17. Wow,thanks for the info, this has really helped and for me to understand whats currently happening in my body right now

  18. I am 9weeks and Im really scared and excited at the same time,now i have to change my work schedule,my diet,habits and everything else.

  19. i think i am 12 weeks preg.but i am still having my periods is that normal?

  20. I’ve heard of pregnant moms menstruating the full nine months. This could be a myth, legend or old wife’s tale ? I’d say consult your doctor if this carries on!

  21. Hi I am probably 9 to 10 weeks pregnant, I went for my first scan when I was 8 weeks or more, I have a concern the doctor told us that the baby is 11.5mm, Is it normal or should I be worried?

  22. I am a first time mother to be(4 weeks),i am really scared and excited at the same time but my problem is that my morning sickness last for the whole day and i havent eaten full meal for the whole month now and cannot stand the smell of food,i have lost 5kg of my body weight and i am always feeling weak and tired, this is really worrying. IS THIS NORMAL ?

  23. Hi Silindile,

    First of all congratulations. Just hang on, morning sickness usually, only last the first trimester, and also in some cases in different trimesters. If you feel you need to see your doctor about this, then do. Rather be safe.


  24. Hi Lerato

    If your doctor wasn’t concern about this, then you shouldn’t be either 😉 Relax and enjoy the journey.

  25. Hi Jacques

    You are right cos the doctor wasn’t concerned, I just went to the doctor this afternoon and the baby is growing, I am 11 weeks and the baby is 4cm, Thanks a lot

  26. I don’t know if any of you can assist me, but I am so desperate by wanting a baby, that I have all the pregnancy sign but no baby. All my friends are pregnant around me and I cannot seem to clear my mind of this. Any suggestions?

  27. Hey I just came across this site and I am glad to have found it in my early stages to help me understand my pregnancy. I am 4weeks so the morning/all day sicknesses are pretty bad and everything smells bad and i can’t eat proper food too…

  28. Hi i`m also a first time mommy and regardless of any pains or nausea, I really do enjoy carrying a little angel inside of me.I realised that its an experience that not every woman can go through.Its an absolute pleasure knowing that this little baby growing inside of me is God`s angel…this is my little piece of heaven

  29. I’m abt 7 months pregnant, i’ve bn having wine from time to time. Can’t i reverse the alcohol in my system.

  30. Hi guys! I just found out I’m 7 weeks preg with my second child I must say its so different to my first baby and I’m so excited, thanks a lot for a wonderful site it teaches a lot and makes a person realise what a wonderful gift you carrying . Thanks a lot guys!!!

  31. I am five weeks pregnant, not my first which is maybe why i picked it up early cause in my two previuos pregnancies I picked up at three months that I was preganant. I am so excited and scared as well as I had miscarried before at 8 weeks but I am living a positive life everyday. I hope that this site will help me to know all that I need to know about my unborn child and myself in these comong months.

  32. In first 6 weeks what couses the backpain?

  33. I’m 7 weeks pregnant,it’s my first baby and I’m weak, tired and have morning sicknesses all the time.The amazing miracle inside my body was conceived but I had irregular menstrual cycle so bad that last year the whole year I did not see them and this year was 2 times only.Thank you Lord.

  34. Hi i found out about two days ago that i am pregnant. i am currently a smoker and i drink from time to time, i guess its not good for the bundle inside me…. Any advice??

    P.s. i am not soo sure how far i am i guess about two to three weeks, i am going for a blood test tomorrow.

  35. hi i’m 3mnths pregnant but have been having severe abdominal pains (this is around my tummy) and i pass a lot of gas lately *embarrased is this “normal”

  36. The first trimester is usually the unstable period of pregnancy, you may want to consult your doctor for this matter;

  37. I am in the first trimester an this site has been so useful wow thank you to evryone who contibuted in making this site so fruitful…

  38. Ohh sweet, i was moved. it was really helpful, i loved it

  39. Wow, what a helpful site, thanx, i’ve learnt something.

  40. thanx that was helpful!

  41. we just found out two days ago that we’re going to be parents for the first time. we’re about 4weeks into our pregnancy. and man are we excited!!
    but the nausea and tender breasts and fatigue are killing me!!! I can’t wait to get through this first trimester!!

  42. Indeed this is my firstime of getting to this glorious website, well im 16 weeks pregnant and in the early stages i lost a lot of appetite and felt alot of discomforts, but now is better, though i feel some waist pains in the night especially but i want to ask this question, my nipples kicks more often is it normal?

  43. hi thanks for the wonderful website i am Two and a half months pregnant and this is helping me a lot am learning new things about me and my first unborn baby everyday Thanks to you guys for the info.

  44. Hi, we just found out we expecting after 4yrs of trying,best news ever, were gonna go for insemination this year only to find out im pregant, this is a wonderful site and gives one all the info that’s needed however i wish the first trimester can be over,still battling with cramps, fatigue,nausea

  45. Congrats to all the mothers. Enjoy this precious moment. I’m hoping to be posting my comments soon.

  46. I’m a 1st time mother I’m not sure what to eat inorder to keep my bby healthy and strong I’m very moody but i dont get any morning sickness… Bleeding When I’m having sex could there be anything wrong with me?


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