10 Tips To Save Energy

Save electricity/energy:

Living in times where we need to save on electricity or energy is here!!!

So why do we need to save electricity? Easy…………….. to save money!

How can we save electricity? Well here are a couple of tips on saving energy!


10 tips to save electricity

  1. Use energy saving light bulbs, they use about 80% less electricity and last up to 6 times longer.
  2. Do not open fridge doors unnecessary.
  3. Fill dishwasher completely before operating.
  4. Make sure loads are full before using your washing machine and use cooler temperatures where possible.
  5. Do not fill the kettle to the brim, only boil enough according to your needs.
  6. Do not leave appliances or lights in a room when nobody is using it. If you are going to bed or out of the room for longer than 5 minutes turn everything off.
  7. Turn off all standby modes if your off to bed or leaving the house.
  8. Insulate the ceiling and seal air gaps in your home to avoid using extra appliances to heat up your home during winter.
  9. Infra red heaters are more efficient.
  10. Use thermostatically controlled oil heater.

We need to save electricity in order to have a bit extra in our pockets.

If there are some extra tips to give, please feel free and help providing more information by leaving a comment.


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