Mothers day

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It is always a battle finding new ideas for things to do on mothers day and even gifts to buy for mom on mothers day! Well, lets try to make things a bit easier. 😉

What to do for mothers day!

Surely you would know what you did the previous year for mothers day, so try to do something different and try not to repeat what you did the last three years, if you are married and have children then it is a bit of a mission trying to fit everything into one day and still make it special, so plan carefully.

Start off by getting your kids to help you with a nice breakfast in bed for mom/wife, keep in mind that if you need to treat your mom and mother in-law later that day, then don’t make too much breakfast for your wife, a muffin or scone and rusks with coffee should do the trick.

You can decide on a lunch at a restaurant, a picnic at some scenic nature reserve, or even keep it simple as inviting your mother/mother-in-law to a festive brunch at your house, where you and the rest of the family can enjoy their special day.

Gift ideas for mothers day!

Mmmm, that is another battle! Don’t make things complicated. Its your mother, and it should not be too hard 😉 What I suggest is a big bunch of flowers. Women likes flowers!!!

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Then again don’t buy the same gifts every year, try to vary this. Nice gifts are like … a magnetic frame for pictures on a refrigerator, a nice pair of slippers for the winter, something for her kitchen, a collection item for her printers tray, a music cd/dvd of her choice, or you name it, this does not have to be expensive.

If there is one thing you should not forget, it is the most important part of mothers day, and it is to tell your mother that you love her and appreciate what she means to you. Make her feel special for being your mom.

Give it a go, and enjoy the day with the family.


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