Saving Money 8 Tips

I was sitting and trying to think of more ways to make extra money and not really doing extra work, and what came to mind was….

Start saving money on fuel

Everyone out there has to use some sort of transport to get them to work and back to earn a living, and seeing that we pay over our head on diesel and petrol, this became a major hole in everyone’s pocket. So how can we save money???

8 tips to save money on fuel

  • Start a lift club – if you split a ride to work and back with just one friend, you can half your petrol bill a month.
  • Idling chews fuel – if you sit for , I would say more than 2 minutes, then switch the car off.
  • Keep up with your car’s service – a “healthy car” runs like it is supposed to, stupid example would be, when the air filter is clogged it restricts air flow and wastes fuel!
  • Slow down – You can save round about 40%, studies shows that gentle driving saves money. So accelerate gently, try this and see if this makes a difference, days of thunder is over 😉 thats if you want to save money….
  • Get your timing right – timing on traffic lights can be a factor, stop-start driving pushes up fuel consumption.
  • Planning ahead – when you approach a hill, accelerate before hand and gradually, rather than flooring it when you are halfway there.
  • When to refuel – early as possible or late as possible, you will generally get more worth. Fuel is densest when cool, and pumps measure volume, not density, and you’ll also avoid the queue’s.
  • Get a lighter car or bike – which isn’t my best option, because then you’ll sit with a monthly installment. But then again scooters isn’t so thirsty on fuel, if you aren’t for this option then get a bicycle, the workout might do you good 😉

Feel free to give us more fuel saving tips, if you know of something that might help the rest of us, remember we are all feeling the pressure in the oil crises.



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  1. How about using the aircon in the car.

    If you’re travelling on normal suburban roads, it’s more fuel efficient to open the windows and turn off the aircon. (Not sure about safety, though)

    If you’re travelling on the highway, open windows cause drag, so turning the aircon on instead is actually more fuel efficient.

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