Baby Shower Games

If you would like to play games to help break the ice, here are a couple of ideas, and remember to get some small gifts as prizes for the winners of the games 😉

How big is the “boep”?

I am sure this is the only time in a womens life when they would like to brag about the size of their boep, and yes it is cool to be round 🙂 . Get a bundle of string or wool. Now let each guest cut off a piece of string that they think would fit around the expectant mommy’s belly. It is quite funny to see how huge or small people think the belly really is.

What is in the jar?

Buy a couple of baby food jars like purity and cover the labels, now get the guests to taste them and guess what is inside.

Collecting nappy pins

As the guests arrive hand them a baby pin, whenever you talk to a person and use the word “baby” the person you are talking to is allowed to take your pin. Whoever has the most pins at the end of the shower wins.

Baby shower raffle.

Make a gift basket and hold a raffle. Remember you need to remind the guest before the stork tea, the entry for the raffle will be a pack of nappies or baby wipes, and obviously the more you give the more entries you have. The mother-to-be will have the opportunity to draw the winning name from a hat and hand over the gift basket.

Toilet paper nappy.

Divide the guests into two groups, their task will be to make a nappy on a person in their group without using sellotape or other fastening devises. The winning group will be the fastest.

Who is the quickest?

This is the need for speed. Divide the guests in two groups, whichever team installs a baby car seat with a dummy baby the fastest or sets up a camping cot the quickest (it has to be correctly set up or installed) wins.

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