D-Day – labour day

Today 23 march 2007 10:00am, I booked my wife in to hospital. She was going to have a C-section at 14:00.

I have to admit this was the longest 4 hours of that day. You get there fill in forms get this ready, get that ready, while the midwife examines your wife and gives her the necessary pills and medicine. Yes, I was nervous when it got to 13:50. I got dressed in those doctors suits, have to admit I looked hansom. Anyway we wheeled my wife & baby yet to be seen into theater. I had to wait about 10 minutes outside while they did the preparation for the operation, oh she had a spinal block. After the 10 minute wait outside theater, they called me in. At this point my feet went jelly. There is my wife, staring at me, her eyes told it all. FEAR. I held her hand to comfort her, not much I could have done. Then the doctor said “Are you ready?” This was point of no return, you can’t say, “NO”, baby needs to get out!

This was really quick, I literally had a few minutes to take a couple of pictures and it was all over. The doctor told us on 28 weeks that it was a girl. When that baby got out there I really thought that it was a boy, until the doctor said “I told you it was a girl” I didn’t know it could swell like that. Luckily I didn’t say anything.

The paediatrician then did a couple of test, clears the longs from amniotic fluid, tests reflexes and so on. Our was born at 14:08 baby weighed 3.28kg her length was 47cm and the head 35cm. I have to tell you this is an experience you would not be able to explain to other people, they will never know how emotional this really is, unless they have kids of their own.

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