Your first night at home with your newborn baby.

Your first night at home.

Believe me there is absolutely nothing that will or can prepare you for this night. I’ve seen many people going to antenatal classes and still experience the same. This was my first child and yes, maybe I was inexperienced?

We arrived from hospital round about 11am that morning. She was still the angel from what we have seen from hospital. Everyone wanted to see our new born. My sister in law came around with her two youngsters. So happy to see the new face. I admit I was tired, but hey I was so proud to show off.

Before I new, it was 6pm, this is where the fun and games started. Luckily my in laws where there to give an extra hand. Our baby sensed that the surroundings were different. She looked around and noticed that there was no curtains around the bed no more. Hey, she must have thought “something was going on here”, “ I heard them say, isn’t she a quiet little baby”, ”let me show them what is quiet”, “but, lets just wait until everyone has left”. My In laws must have left round about 9pm.

Like I said – Fun And Games

If you think there might be something wrong with your infant, meaning she or he is too quiet, then think again. Get ready for the drill. I never thought that this would ever happen to me. We got our baby to bed, she slept for about an half an hour or so. She started screaming. I picked her up tried to calm her down. This didn’t work so I took her to my wife. My wife breast fed her. She went back to sleep. This was for another half an hour or so….

This was going on for half an hour, to half an hour, to half an hour… This is when you realize that you have many unforeseen talents, some like trying to sing “buffalo soldier” at 3am in the morning, not because you want to, its because you are running out of ideas!

Having you read this, means that we actually made it through the night. So if there is any advise out there. Get some sleep for your first night at home, you will need it.

Remember if your baby doesn’t cry in hospital, it is natural for them to cry at home!!!

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