Stages of Pregnancy – 2nd Trimester

If you got this far the risk of a miscarriage diminishes. By the time you reached 12 weeks the placenta has formed properly and takes over the important job of supporting the pregnancy. This is also why the tiredness and nausea you might have experienced started to ease. Well lets get going with your baby’s development. 😉

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2nd Trimester

4th Month

4th Month

Your Baby’s development

  • This is a period of rapid growth, your baby has almost doubled in length about 12cm and weight will have increased to about 130g.
  • Their finger and toenails are well formed and some babies nails grows so fast they need to be trimmed soon after birth.
  • Their ears have moved from the side of the neck where they started to develop to the correct position on the sides of the head.
  • Your baby yawns and stretches from time to time in the uterus.
  • Your baby swallows amniotic fluid and this goes to the kidneys which turns this into urine, the baby then empties his bladder approximately on the hour into the amniotic sac.
  • He or she might also be sucking on their thumb by this stage
  • Your baby has very small eyelashes and eyebrows, and fine downy hair has formed all over their body and face called lanugo.
  • Their skeleton is beginning to develop, but is still in the form of a flexible cartilage and then bones.
  • Small respiratory movement can also be seen.

Facts about you

  • You have probably gained between 2,5kg to 5kg in weight – don’t worry pregnant faeries are beautiful 🙂
  • Your kidneys processes 25 percent more blood than usual.
  • Your heart rate has increased and it’s output is between 30 and 50 percent as before you where pregnant.
  • Your uterus is now getting five times more blood pumped to it, to support the growing of your baby.
  • And of coarse your bump may be just about visible.
  • If you are struggling of constipation – drink a lot / plenty of water and eat fresh fruit and snacks throughout the day.

5th Month

5th Month

Your Baby’s development

  • Your baby’s length is now about 15cm and their weight about 270g – as big and heavy like a cellphone WOW 😉
  • Hair started to grow on their head.
  • At this stage he/she is practicing shallow breathing movements by inhaling amniotic fluids.
  • Permanent teeth buds are developing behind your baby’s teeth buds.
  • Her/his first teeth have formed in their gums.
  • Your baby’ primitive immune system can already fight off some infections.
  • Although your baby’s eyes are still shut they can move it slowly from side to side.
  • They can grasp one hand with the other and can also form a fist.
  • The bones in their ears are hardening allowing them to hear the world outside.
  • There is more control over their movement due to the development of the muscles and nervous system.
  • The nervous system is beginning to produce the myelin sheath, which coats the nerves that link muscles to the brain, allowing messages to be passed along.
  • A protective layer of “brown” fat is now starting to be laid down, this helps in regulating temperature.

Facts about you

  • Your growing baby is creating pressure that might make your belly button pop out and stay that way until after birth.
  • Your baby’s weight might make you feel off balance.
  • The top of the uterus or fundus reaches to about your navel and will continue to grow – about 1cm a week.
  • Your bump is getting steadily bigger now.
  • Increased vaginal secretions – this is normal though, but if the discharge is very profuse,has an odour or irritates speak to your doctor.
  • You might get heartburn
  • You may develop stretch marks, take care of yourself, there are brilliant products on the market that helps to prevent or worsen this.
  • You might feel breathless, take things easy.

6th Month

6th Month

Your Baby’s development

  • Your baby’s length should now be approximately 20cm from crown to rump and weigh about 625g.
  • By now their eyes will have opened for the first time.
  • Your baby’s facial features are fully formed.
  • Their heart rate has dropped to about 140 to 150 beats per minute.
  • Within his/her lungs the small air sacs/alveoli are forming.
  • Sweat glands are forming in your baby’s skin.
  • They will now be able to cough and hiccup.
  • The lanugo (downy layer of body air) are starting to darken and beneath it is your baby’s skin which has a reddish colour as oppose to translucent as before.
  • They also have a cycle of sleeping and waking, which you will become aware of in the next few weeks.
  • As your baby grows, the placental blood vessels will respond by supplying more nutrients they need.
  • Your baby is still swallowing and excreting the amniotic fluid as urine.

Facts about you

  • Having an obvious bump so that the world can see you are pregnant can be rather pleasant – after all, having a baby is something to be very proud of, it is a gift.
  • You may feel hot more often.
  • Your breasts may feel tender due to the hormonal changes in your body in preparation for breastfeeding. If you decide to breastfeed you need to read my article about Nipple Shields.
  • Your body is retaining water this putting weight on your upper body and thighs.
  • When your baby moves you may feel a little leg or foot.
  • The fundus (top of the uterus) is above your belly button.
  • In the meanwhile your uterus is making practice or Braxton Hicks contractions in preparation for labour. Your abdomen may become hard for a few seconds, this is when the uterus contracts, this happens often, but now you are more likely to be aware of the muscles working.

The end of your second trimester, WOW!!! You are almost there 😉

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  1. In fact, since I have been going through these pictures and info right from 1st trimester to 3rd trimester and trying to visualize the pregnancy stages, we are relieved of fears, thank you very much for the information, this is our first child and our first experience.

  2. Congratulations on the pregnancy, 😉 put your fears aside and revel in your pregnancy, enjoy every moment, it a journey. Feel free to bookmark us for future reference.

  3. This is also my first baby & in 2nd trimester. I’m quite a young mom but very excited & much capable of raising my sweet pooh bear. I cannot wait for it to arrive. She already moves & every time she does i become so excited, my boyfriend’s so over it, but he doesn’t understand, it’s a mom thing. Anyway, i also appreciate this website, way to go guys.

  4. Its my first baby too ,in 1st Trimester,and I am quiet young,and scared, I can’t wait for my belly to grow so I can touch it and feel the movements.I am scared my boyfriend might not be there through out the pregnancy,and I need him.

  5. This is my second child, the first one is 10 yrs old, so it feels like its my first time as I have forgotten the first experience. Thanx for all the information this is so helpful for both of us.

  6. Wow..I’m @ the half way mark,and loving every moment of it.word of advice 2all moms 2b,drink lots of water 2 prevent a nasty painful kidney infection.being a doctor i neglect h20. Good website guys..and congrats 2 all the new mums 2b.

  7. THE EXPLANATIONS FOR THE TRIMESTERS are too long for a student to understant.

  8. I think all the mom’s to be should read this web page in preparations to being well informed mothers. We don’t want to be in a society where our children are raised by confused mothers who does not even understand what was happening during their pregnancy,especially in regard to the development of their young ones while still in their wombs.If our mother’s to be could familiarize themselves with this web page they will learn good lessons,instead of learning how to kill our innocent developing young ones.

  9. wow im really enjoying every moment of my pregnancy,i am a first time mom to be,in 2nd trimester.Although people will always feed you with their own experience,all the information im getting from you guys is really helping cauz its time for me to have my own experience….. thnx a lot guys

  10. this is my second one my first is 2 and sleeping has become a big challenge since i’m on my third tri

  11. I am 12 weeks pregnant and trying to enjoy my pregnancy through my morning sickness which lasts all day long and wears me out completely, by the time i get home from work all i can do is sleep, this is my second child.I am hoping for a baby girl this time.Crossing fingers

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