How to breastfeed

Breastfeeding can be a deeply fulfilling experience, creating a strong bond between you and your baby. However learning the technique and how to, takes practice for baby and yourself. The more you breastfeed the easier it gets!!


Where to Start?

Breastfed babies are the best. The nourishment babies get is tailor-made and the nutrients they need is in the exact amounts, it contains antibodies that will protect them from illnesses and infection and will protect them against allergy related conditions like asthma and eczema.

Lets get started

Your milk will start coming in just a few days after your baby is born, but before then, will be a liquid called colostrum, which is a clear golden yellow fluid. Here follows a few tips for breastfeeding:

Tips for breastfeeding:

  • Choose a cozy and comfortable position – you can choose to either lie down or sit during feeds. But support your back and arms. You can use pillows to do this.
  • Help your baby to latch correctly – Make sure she or he latches properly, if it feels uncomfotable start over and try again and remain calm. Practice makes perfect 😉
  • Hold your baby in the correct position – Your baby should be tummy to tummy with her nose opposite to your nipple and their head and body need to be in line with each other.
  • Keep an eye during the feed – The sucking of your baby will stimulate the let-down-reflex “a hormone called oxytocin which causes the milk glands in your breasts to release milk”.Your baby’s swallowing can be heard when this occurs. Interestingly you can experience a tingling feeling or sensation in the uterus, and or the opposite breast may leak milk.
  • When they are done with the feed – Ease them off the breast. Your baby may fall asleep and naturally comes off the breast. Otherwise don’t pull her off the breast, you will either hurt yourself or disturb your child. Try sliding your finger into the corner of their mouth to break the suction.

Great to know, but how many feeds and how long?

For the first few weeks your baby will require a lot of your time, so they will need to be fed quite often. You might be spending about 10 to 20 minutes on a breast. They will obviously let you know when they are hungry. A debate could start on feeding on demand, but doing this will keep your baby happy, and will help to establish your milk supply. Let them empty each breast before you switch sides, interestingly if they are taken off too soon, they will feed only on watery “foremilk” instead of the rich “hindmilk”. Also alternate which breast to start on, this can also help the milk supply.

Look after yourself

Lastly, look after yourself. Eat healthy and well balanced meals. Get plenty of rest and accept offers of help when your baby is asleep. As you get the hang of breastfeeding, you will realize that you can do it any time.


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