When would your baby be ready for solids?

You might have heard from several people to give your baby solid food to help them sleep through the night. Well research shows that this should be avoided, mainly for the risk of allergies.

Early solids may lead to allergies!!!

Introducing babies to solids too early can increase the risk of allergies, while exclusive breastfeeding for at least six months may prevent allergies later in life. This is according to a recent paper published by American allergy specialists. The experts recommended that, exclusive breastfeeding (with no COW’s milk formulas or supplemental food) during the first 6 months, because this prevents allergies from developing. And that no other foods should be introduced during the first 4 months, because this is associated with allergies with a higher risk of allergies up to the age of ten. And lastly, avoiding cow’s milk in early life, because this is another effective way to prevent allergies.

The main foods that pose a high risk of allergies include cow’s milk, egg, Peanuts (this is a big risk), tree nuts(such as hazel nuts, walnuts, cashew and almonds), fish and other sea foods. Hen’s eggs, fish, peanuts and other nuts should not be introduced until after the age of 12 months.

So all in brief, the main foods that pose a high risk of allergies include cow’s milk, eggs and peanuts. Information that will help our babies is the information that saves, because we are for babies and babies are us…


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