Nipple Shields

This is a must have, I can not state this more, a MUST HAVE.

Sore Nipples

If your baby is not latching on properly or he or she is pulling when they come off, your nipples may become sore or even cracked. There are several steps you can take to prevent this. First of all get yourself a pair of nipple shields, this has many advantages, one of them prevent sore nipples and another is when weaning a baby to a bottle, trust me our baby didn’t have a problem taking a bottle. Check your baby’s position, they should have the nipple and much of the areola in their mouth. Ease them off the breast gently after a feed. Make sure your nipple is dry before putting your bra back on. Get yourself some nipple cream, this will also help. Use breast pads to soak up some leaking milk, whether you leak or not. You can also invest in getting the Breastfeeding without tears DVD by Clare Byam-Cook, this really is a winner.

If one of your nipples are sore, you can rest the affected breast for a day or so, but then try to express from this breast, you can get a manual hand pump or an electrical breast pump, the manual one worked for us. Why express, this works both ways, it will give your nipples a time to rest as well as for you, by expressing your partner can help during feeds by giving your baby expressed milk. You can even store expressed milk in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours.

Go on give this a try, because we are for babies and babies are us.

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