Shield or no shield

Breastfeeding, this is probably what most women will be asked, or maybe what most women might consider. Well if you think you might not want to do this, because you’ve got sensitive nipples. Here is what we did…

We decided to breastfeed our baby, for the reason, to build there immune system and it also helps with bonding with your baby. My wife didn’t know how she would be able to breastfeed. We got hold of a DVD showing you how to breastfeed and believe me this is really a technique. If you don’t do this right you might have sore nipples like most women get. You get babies that doesn’t latch properly, this DVD shows you the right way of holding a baby when you breastfeed. It also shows you how to wind a baby, like I said this DVD is a must have.

The DVD is called Breastfeeding without tears – With Clare Byam-Cook. So do yourself a favour and get this DVD and a pair of nipple shields. Nipple shields can be purchased at your nearest baby-store. There are different makes, the one we use is from AVENT. Nipple shields is a teat like shield that protects the nipple. You can decide to use it or not, my wife tried to breastfeed without them, but ended up using it all the time.

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