Baby Shower Ideas and Gifts

Need some useful tips and gift ideas for someone or maybe your own baby shower or Stork tea. Well don’t look any further. You will surely find the information over here!!!

Why do we have Baby Showers?

Well just maybe because it is a tradition just like we would have kitchen teas and bachelor parties before a wedding, now we will celebrate the pregnancy before the birth of the baby, also called a stork tea(children are little angels living in heaven and are brought from heaven by the stork).

My opinion is that baby showers allows friends and family to gather and provide warmth and support and guidance for the mom to be. It is also a celebration where friends and family can shower the expectant mom and dad with gifts that they will need for their newborn baby.

This post will share some ideas for baby showers, things like gifts, where to hold baby showers, games to play at baby showers and so on, in the next couple of posts to follow.

But first things, first. You need to make a list of what you will need for your baby, if this is your first child you would probably need everything still. I know the products on the market are quite expensive, but this is another reason we have baby showers, this will help out where it can.

If you found this site, you will definitely need to bookmark it for future reference. 🙂

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  1. Hi there
    my friend had a baby and we wanted to give her a baby shower but we couldn’t cos she went into early delivery so we decided to give after the baby is born, but then baby got sick and they had to go back to the hospital again and now baby is already a month old. Can we still hold a baby shower?

  2. Hi Maryka

    My opinion is “never is too late, to give the special baby shower” a Stork tea is there to give them those special gifts, and will also show that you, family and friends are still there to give her the support she need. Circumstances didn’t allow this baby shower to happen and I am sure the mother will understand. 🙂 So I would say go for it and give her the surprise and think about it, it wont be hard to guess if it is a boy or a girl, right? 😉


  3. Hi Jacques my daughter is only due in March when is the best time to have a baby shower she lives in aJHb and I am in durban they are coming to durban over the dolidays is 6 mths too soon, as they wont come back to Dbn in Jan or Feb next year.

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