The Basic Baby Accessories You Will Need

Like I said in my post titled “Baby Shower Ideas and Gifts” you need to create a shopping list of things you need for your baby.

I know not everyone can afford to buy a cot or a car seat for their baby. This can be an expensive part of getting started as new parents, but if you plan nicely, you can get your friends or family to help you buy these gifts for your baby shower.

Cot or camping cot

You will need to get your baby a place to sleep, they can’t sleep in your bed forever. If you can’t afford a cot you can buy a camping cot because they aren’t priced that bad.

Car seat

This is essential to have, you can’t go and drive around without this.
Your baby’s safety will have to come first. The Chicco car seat is probably the best.


A pram is definitely something you will need. There are many products available. The main thing here is that you should not go and buy a JEEP pram or perhaps a Chicco stroller just because your friends have got one. Do yourself a favour and go to your nearest baby store, try walking around with some of the prams they have in stock. In other words, take a pram for a test drive before you buy.

You need to be comfortable folding the pram up and putting it into your car. There are prams/strollers you can fold with one hand. The same goes for picking it up: make sure it’s a light pram, at least for you. Remember your husband is going to be at work, how is he going to help you from there. 😉

Bottle sterilizer

You will need this because everything that goes into your baby’s mouth needs to be clean (sterilized). We have the AVENT bottle sterilizer. The nice thing about this brand is that it has a
6 minute function that will sterilize the bottles for up to 6 hours, and the other function is a 9 minute cycle that sterilizes the bottles for up to 24 hours. We got two bottle sterilizers for our baby shower, the AVENT bottle sterilizer and the other was a Pigeon bottle sterilizer. They both work the same way.

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