Baby Shower Gifts That We Wanted

My previous post titled “The Basic Baby Accessories You Will Need“, gave the basic baby accessories that new parents will need for their baby. Now that we have the basics in place, we can start with the nursery list.

Baby Monitors

This is a really cool product to have, when you put your baby to sleep just switch the monitor on, then you can carry on watching television or movies or carry on with some household task without worrying that you might not here your baby cry. This is also a bonus if you go to bed, you can leave the monitor next to your bed, you will have no trouble hearing your baby when she/he needs you or even better when you go out to visit friends, take the monitor with, if your baby falls asleep you can leave this monitor where she/he sleeps and you can enjoy the visit while your baby sleeps in the spare bedroom while you can monitor from where you are.

There are many baby monitors on the market, some like the one we got for our baby shower, this type of baby monitor monitors the baby’s movement and breathing and will alert you when there is a problem. I would say this is a must have on your list.

Bottle Warmers

This is something you might consider for a baby gift, especially for winter. I have experienced getting up at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning to heat up your baby’s bottle takes forever without a bottle warmer, you have to wait for the kettle, your baby is crying because she is hungry, you are freezing and all you can think of is to get back into bed. Bottle warmers are great, it keeps the bottle at the right temperature, so when your baby wakes up for their feed, just get the bottle, it is ready!

Breast Pumps

If you decide on breastfeeding put this on your baby shower list. This will help you to express milk. There are manual and electrical pumps on the market, manual works just as good. You can also read my article about Nipple Shields.

Baby photography

Many people tend to forget what their baby looks like after birth, so why not add this to your shower list? Get a coupon or a gift voucher for a photo session. And get a professional baby photographer to take baby photo’s and family photo’s, so that you can add this to your album or maybe have some baby photo’s framed. You, your baby and husband. I’d say this will be a much appreciated gift to get on a baby shower. 🙂

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