Bath Time Baby Shower Gifts

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Now everybody knows that a baby need to bath as well!!! 😉

So lets add to the “Baby Shower Ideas and Gifts” list

Bath Time Accessories

Bath Unit

You will start by bathing your new born baby in a small bath that you can put on a dressing table. It is a plastic bath, so it is not hard to carry around, if you have a theme for the baby room try and match the bath color to the color of the room.

Bath Thermometer

This is just a nice to have product, else if you are old school you could stick your elbow in the water and feel if the water is the correct temperature. The Bath thermometer will spare you time in all of this and will also assure that the water is the correct temperature.

Bath Toys

Hey, what do you do while you are in bath? 😉 Off course your baby would like to play with some bath toys, If they don’t do right away, rest assure they will get older and will start to appreciate it.

After Bath Mattress / Changing Mattress

You will need something like this, not only after a bath, but when you are changing nappies as well.

Face Cloths

You need at least 4 cloths, you will have 2 in use at the same time, the other 2 will be spare for the next day or so. Believe me you don’t want to wipe your baby’s face with the same cloth you wiped their bum. 😉 A great way to distinguish between the two is to get someone that knows about embroidery to right on the cloth, perhaps something like “Bum” then put a small picture of a bum on there and then for “Face” a baby face.

Hooded Towels

Get at least 2 hooded towels.

Brush, Comb and Safety Scissors

Maybe your baby doesn’t have hair to brush or comb, but don’t fret it will soon start growing. You will need the safety scissors to clip their nails because that will eventually grow as well.

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