Nursery Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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Lets add to the Baby Shower Ideas & Gifts list.

Cot Toys

You will need to get some toys for your baby’s cot. At least when your infant wakes up, he/she will have something to look at for a bit of entertainment. Cot Mobiles are usually a winner. You can get all sort of toys at your local Toys R us, Babies R Us or your nearest baby & company.

Furpile Blanket

It is a soft fur blanket that your baby will love to be wrapped in to keep her warm.

Here is a picture of a furpile blanket

Furpile Blanket

4 Polar fleece blankets

4 Receiving blankets

This you will need to wrap your baby in after a bath or when you put your infant to sleep.

3 Fitted sheets & 1 Safety pillow

Seeing that your baby is still very weak they won’t be able to turn around by them self, the Safety pillow will prevent them from suffocating.

3 Pillow Cases

Your baby will need clean sheets and pillow cases, getting extra pillow cases will give you a breather with the baby’s washing.

Bale Set

You will need to get this for the cot or camping cot. The Bale Set consist of the following:

  • 1 Full Cradle Bumper (including inner)
  • 1 Cradle Sheet
  • 1 Cradle Quilt
  • 1 Pillow & Pillowcase.

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